The home association of Friisilä, "Friisilän Omakotiyhdistys ry" (FOKY), was established already in 1950 with the intention to support the residents in Espoo's Friisilä area to boost the residential cooperation and act as a community to ensure the interests of residents are taken into consideration e.g. in city of Espoo's decision making.

All households in the Friisilä area can become members and almost half of them pay the 10EUR membership fee annually. FOKY publishes an A4 printed newspaper 4-5 times a year and that is distributed to all of the households in the Friisilä area. Topical news are also shared in the Facebook group (, in Finnish mostly) and in the website.

The association has a board, which meets regularly throughout the year and arranges activities that all the members can participate in. The annual general meeting is held in March.

The general interest of the association is to follow the plans related to Friisilä and neighboring areas, for example development of municipal infrastructure and facilities, traffic arrangements, protection of Friisinkallio. The board also plans Friisilä products like history books and Christmas cards.

Early spring we arrange a cleaning bee, "siivoustalkoot" (we pick up litter from Friisilä area) and the summer party has been a long lasting yearly tradition (except during the pandemic). More recent tradition is the Christmas calendar in December, with the highlight being each household having live fires on the streets to celebrate the Finland's independence on December 6th.

One of the most popular activities arranged by the FOKY are the weekly instructor lead physical exercises with a nominal fee inside a facility in Friisilä (at the moment at the kindergarten). If you are interested in joining or want to hear more, please email

If you are interested in joining FOKY, please pay the membership fee of 10EUR to the bank account
FI37 8020 4710 0392 73 (reference: 2008), BIC: DABAFIHH, account holder: Friisilän Omakotiyhdistys ry. The first name appearing as the account holder will be registered as the memberof FOKY.
If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to volunteer as an active or arrange something, do not hesitate to contact the association at